Company Mission

Our Mission Statement

SAIEI Online English is a training place for its students to learn and practice English language in a fun and effective way. We deliver student-centered high-quality lessons from the Philippines to Japanese students living in Japan.

We aim to equip the future leaders of the global society not only with strong language skills, but also with excellent communication skills, presentation skills and leadership skills. We strive to make and conduct distinctive lessons in order to enhance our students’ personal growth as much as possible.

Our Team-Teaching System

At SAIEI Online English, the Filipino teachers collaborate with the teachers in Japan.

To maximize the learning efficiency, our students learn basic rules and grammar with their Japanese teachers, and then practice using them online with the Filipino teachers.

We believe that learning a foreign language is like learning a new sport or a musical instrument; it’s a constant cycle of learning a new technique and practicing it repeatedly until it “sinks in.”

The Staff Motto ~5 P’s~

The teachers at SAIEI Online English are always trying to improve their skills. We believe that this positive attitude becomes the role model for our students.

Here are 5 Ps which we share as our motto.

  • Professional: Let’s take pride in our job, and always try our best with great smiles.
  • Positive: We are the ones who make the team. Positive minds make a great team.
  • Punctual: Time is trust. Let’s start and finish the lessons on time.
  • Passionate: Love our students. Love what we are doing.
  • Productive: Even when not teaching, let’s be always productive and contribute to the team.